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Lucid Dreaming
Well... the idea of joining an rp was nice while it lasted LOL. Too bad I couldn't find a character I knew that was still available ;) I probably would have only played for two weeks until school started anyway. Oh well, I'll stick to writing old fashioned fics. I honestly only wanted to join rping communities so I could read the locked nc-17 posts. Buu. Why don't they archive all their stuff? Why do they have that nc-17 rule? Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something while reading people's rps and then figure out that they just locked their post because it was too explicit. Noooo, don't take the smut from me! T_T

Hehe, I'm going camping this week. I don't know what I'm going to do without my laptop >_< I'll probably go back to writing fics the old fashioned way (paper & pencil) that I usually use during the school semesters in class XD I'm going to scribble some Oshigaku or Jubei+Kazuki.

Speaking of which, I was browsing around FF.net a few weeks ago when I was desperately looking for GB fics and actually found a few decent ones. I don't know why, but they seem to be centered around Toshiki instead of Juubei and Kazuki LOL

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Hehe, see you all in a few days ^_^

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It's only amusing because ko loves to make fun of fandoms and her friends. Names have been changed 'cause ko wanted me to be witty, but I'm not as witty as her ._.

Cut because the content is vulgar and crass, just like the writer XDCollapse )

ROFL. Take a bow. One of the best GB fics EVAR XD See what you miss out on, kitten? Stop avoiding us and get your ass back on mIRC >:[

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Digital Manga Publishing licensed three yaoi titles (yaoi, not shounen ai!) and the books are slated to come out within a few months.

I just finished pre-ordering three of their books. The 2nd volume of Passion isn't out until November, so it's not available for preorder just yet. I ordered:

- "Desire" by also known as "Yabai Kimochi" by Honami Yukine & Kazumi Maki. Coming out in October.
- "Only the Ring Finger Knows" aka "Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru" by Kannagi Satoru & Odagiri Hotaru. Coming out in August.
- "Passion Vol 1" aka "Netsujou" by Gotou Shinobu & Takaku Shouko. Coming out in September.

For more information and a summary of the series', check out Digital Manga's website here: http://www.dmpbooks.com/

Licensing yaoi seems kind of risky since they would probably have a bigger audience by doing shounen and shoujo mangas and these titles aren't as popular as FAKE or Gravitation. So, support their efforts by buying the manga :) I want them to know that we love yaoi and want them to do more! Help support and spread boy's love, order your copy or buy it when it comes out =D

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People say that if a writer posts their stuff publicly, then they're putting themselves on the chopping block, giving others permission to flame publicly as well. Therefore, this journal has become "Friend's Only". Sort of.

Fic/book recs will remain public since I want to encourage as many people as I can to read the fiction I like. But if you want to actually read my fics, or download anime, bl dramas, and other stuff, please friend me. If I haven't friended you yet, leave a note and I'll do so asap >>

Friend's Only - Please comment to be added
(LOL almost typed "assed" rather than "added")

k0butt, get an lj! >:[

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The last two days, I've spent most of my time sitting back and enjoying Yami no Matsuei fanfiction. I'm surprised I'm so into this YnM fiction. While I love the anime and the characters, I haven't read very many YnM fanfiction at all. In fact, before this story, I haven't even finished as single YnM fanfic. They've just never piqued my interest enough for me to finish.

- Doll by Bonnejeanne and Laekin (Added 05/15/04)

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Tadaaa as promised. I got this CD a few weeks ago, but finally had time to rip it. The package is pretty cool. It's backwards, which kind of gives it a different taste. I'll take pics of it and scan in the pics in the booklet later :)

I'll/CKBC - Sentimental Lilac(50.9 MB)

When I first stuck the song into the cd player and listened to the tracks, I thought, "OMFG, what have I just wasted 30+ dollars on?" But the songs actually get rather catchy after a while. The songs stick in my head and they're fun to hum too. They're all rock-ish with the exception of the Chopin one and they're.... different but they're good in their own way. Being exposed to only anime and a few other bands, I didn't know about this genre of music from the Japanese. Their music is pretty much Americanized. I didn't really think these songs fit as a an image album for the series, but they kind do now after I've listened to it for the 500th time =D

Ohh before I go on, big thanks to kitten_toy for helping me translate the titles *muah*. LOL they're in big kanji and I didn't know what to label the stuff on the ID tags >_<

What Mai Thinks of the MusicCollapse )

Hehe, hopefully, you enjoy the image album too :) Lemme know if you leech so I can keep track of how much bandwith I'm spending ^_^

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OMG, jackspikyfruit and I have been playing the world's scariest game ever, Fatal Frame. It's just so freaky 'cause you're in this haunted house or something, and there's the worst's most freakiest story with the game. So you're in this house with ghosts everywhere and you have to take pictures of them to get rid of them. It's especially freaky 'cause you get to look at the ghosts through the viewfinder which is basically first person point of view. The place is totally dark with ghosts right behind the doors, hanging on trees, chasing after you, hiding in the most random places that freak you out. The controller vibrates to mimick your heartbeat and the background is full of torture moans and screams. Freaky >_<

My sis and I are such wusses. We can only play during the day with the sound on very low. Sometimes we put the thing on mute and turn off the vibrating control and play super happy music to distract us. We've actually used cheat codes but that doesn't really do anything to the scare factor. It's still freaky >_< The only way we manage to play is by repeating the mantra "I'm here to save the pretty boy" over and over again (the pretty boy being the main character's brother LOL)

ANYWAY, audiosyncracy told me what happens a little in the story and I'm not playing anymore. I'm freaked beyond freaked. Absolutely disturbed. I'm going to get nightmares tonight. You're on your own, sis. lol.

I said I was gonna upload the 2nd ep of I'll/CKBC, but Anime-Faith re-released the series again recently >> You'll just have to go and get it yourselves because it's readily available. Instead, I'm gonna share the soundtrack with you :) The songs are kinda mellow and slow, but there are a few tracks that I like-- the ones by Ellegarden and a few sweet classical guitar ones :)

I'll/CKBC OSTCollapse )

Sentimental Lilac will be up sooner or later ^_^

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Because someone asked what I liked and I had too long of a list... or perhaps too little. Decided to keep track of it XD

Anyway, my standard way of writing "x"=hardcore, "+"=softcore. The name first is the seme. The name second is the uke (bottom). If there's a "/" that means I like 'em switching roles from time to time ;)

Write fiction or draw any of these pairings and I will adore youCollapse )

Hmm I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few. I'll just add em in as I remember :)
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Luck in the Shadows, Stalking Darkness, and Traitor's Moon are books 1, 2, and 3 respectively in Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner Series.

Young Alec of Kerry is falsly accused of being a spy and is placed in a holding cell where he meets Seregil, a lord, bard, and notorious theif. Seregil helps him escape from the prison and soon after, takes Alec as an apprentice and the two embark on a journey Alec would never have imagined in his wildest dreans. They are confronted with magic, centaurs, a country on the brink of war, and a great Evil who's name even powerful wizards fear to speak.

I love this series. This is the series I've been looking for when I started buying all these slashy books and writing reviews. I was enraptured by Lynn Flewelling's remarkable story telling. The Nightrunner series has comedy, fantasy, mystery and even a bit of horror. The thing I love best is the wit and humor Flewelling writes. Oftentimes, I found myself smiling as I read the book and sometimes I even outright laughed out loud on some of the passages. This series is warm and lighthearted but it also has ghastly, horrific parts to it, balancing out the series very well.

Read MoreCollapse )

I can't really think of a bad thing about this series. I liked it THAT much. My only complaint, I suppose, is that the story kind of wanes a bit in the 3rd volume and there are a few shady parts as there are in all books, but I still liked it nonetheless. I remember finding this book in Borders a while ago and thought "Ew, the guy on the cover's ugly" and put it back on the shelf. I got bored later on and finally decided to buy it since I had nothing else to read and I can't believe I turned it down the first time.

Get this series and read it. 5 out of 5 stars ^_^

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I just finished reading "The Stone Prince" by Fiona Patton and I really don't know why I even bothered. I should have stopped in the middle really. Maybe I was hoping too much that her characters would start making an impression on me eventually but they didn't.

The Stone Prince is set in a fantasy world with dragons and unicorns in a land with weather sort of like England. The story revolves around crowned, prince Demnor DeMarian, who has trouble conveying his affection to others because his mother abused him when he was a child (thus the title). He, as well as all the royal folk, contain The Flame which is powerful magic that can consume a person if he or she is not strong enough to weild it. This book is basically about Denmor dealing with his own personal issues as well as rebillious countries and testing his stength to control The Flame.

In this world, all men and women are created equal. Women are fighters, earls, and princes' and can do anything that a man can. In this world, every royal person gets a Companion, who are trained to be assassins, bedmates, spies and are used to keep track of politics within the castle walls. The story introduces his companion, Kelahnus, a very pretty, fair and smart man, and you'd think that it'd be a simple love story, but it's not.

And it all starts going downhillCollapse )

The writing style is very simplistic, that is, I've seen fiction written online that was better than this. The writing style is very... cheesy. You can see every romantic cliche in this one and it's so predicatable. A lot of sections seemed very uncessecary. I actually skipped paragraphs while reading because it was so dull. The writer switches around from Denmor's place to the enemy's place to write about them plotting, and then you get to read about the Companion's Guild talking and plotting as well, and you're just all over the place with this book and I personally don't like switching points of views because I would rather have just concentrated on Demnor or Kelahnus.

It's kind of funny 'cause if you read the back cover of the book, it doesn't even talk about Comapanions, but it mentions his betrothed in a sentence ¬_¬ Anyhow 1-5 rating, I'll give it a 1 because I liked one or two scenes, but I really don't think this book is worth buying. Seriously, you can go online and read better fanfiction or origional fiction. It was really hard for me to find things I liked about this book except for a few scenes between Demnor and Kelahnus.

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